District 9 Trivia Question

Can you name the District that:
1) Won the Junior League State tournament and won their pool in the Southeast Regional?
2) Won the Big League State tournament and was second place in the pool in SE Regional tournament?
3) Won the Senior League State tournament, won the SE Regional tournament, and placed second in their pool in the World Series?
Give up?
District 9

Extra credit, can you name the league that did that ALL in 2014?

DTQ Little League!

Congratulations to DTQ!

Want a Virginia Special Interest Group Little League License Plate for your car? Check out this information:
 VA LL License PlateVirginia License Plate Application – Little League

D9 Staff

Minutes of D9 Meeting 1-14-14

Minutes of D9 Meeting 2-11-14

Our Local Little Leagues

Alexandria Potomac Little League Central Springfield Little League
Dale City Little League Dumfries-Triangle-Quantico Little League
Fort Belvoir Little League Fort Hunt Little League
South County Little League West Springfield Little League
Woodbridge Little League Woodlawn Little League

Challengers Programs:

In addition, we also have our Challengers Programs. We have three challenger programs in District 9! Springfield Little League (Eddie’s Club), Dale City Little League, and DTQ Little League each host a challengers programs.

Mother’s Day weekend each year is a special time for our Challengeres. They all head down to Virginia Beach for the Virginia Beach Challengers’ Weekend.

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